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In order to better service, on this page we have the answers to the questions that we usually ask by mail and telephone. Questions are divided into five areas, and we hope you will find the answers among what interests you.

If there is no response from the available are looking for, do not ustručavahte can write to us or contact us in some other way. Also, all of your suggestions and constructive advice seriously will consider some of them certainly adopt. Fulfillment of desires yet the meaning of our work, just as the very existence of the Pink apartment is nothing but an answer to your needs.


Apatman issued a day and must be vacated by 12:00 hours on the day of release, unless the agreement provides otherwise.
Keeping the apartment after 12:00 am withdrawing collection the next day.
Guests are required to carry your valuables with you. Pink house you objective reasons can not be guaranteed for the same.
It is not allowed to introduce pets.
The guests are required to maintain the apartment, fixtures and installations. Any claims must be made biri recovered.
Customers must not cause an unpleasant noise, noise and disturb public order. This is especially true from 14 to 17h and 22 to 09h.
The apartments can be undisturbed to receive visitors, ukoliiko keep the same house rules.
Pink house is entitled to in the event of failure to comply with the house rules cancel the use of the guest suites and to proclaim it "undesirable".
From fixed phones are allowed in our apartments is peaceful calls locally and receive all calls. Calls out Belgrade are blocked and 0th

Stay in apartment

Will I wait for clean towels and sheets, and how often to change?

The price includes clean linen and towels for as many people as it has been announced.
1 Bed linen is changed weekly and towels can be changed as needed, as long as you need.
Is there a possibility of cleaning the apartment while it linger?

Depending on the size of the apartment price to cleaning it until the stay is 10-15 euros.

Can I stay with friends in an apartment?

Of course you can, while respecting the basic house rules listed under "house rules".

Can I expect something in the fridge?

Fridges are empty, and if the time of booking express a wish for a full mini bar or any other food items, with the agreement and an additional fee will be welcomed fridge filled to your specifications

Can be prepared, cooked food in the apartment?

One of the many advantages of the private accommodation of the hotel is that all the Pink apartments have fully equipped kitchen for serving as well as for convenient meal preparation.

Is there internet in the apartment?

By the standards of Pink apartments in the price you pay is included in some of the high-speed Internet connection such as DSL, wireless or cable internet.

Is there a phone in the apartment?

In most cases there is a phone, but for obvious reasons excluded zero.
If the phone line is needed, please mention it when booking

-I lost the key to the apartment?

Bear the costs of replacing locks and making new keys.


How to get to the apartment?

When checking in, you will get a detailed map of how to get to the apartment
If you arrive by plane, bus, train, or you can wait for our driver, driving conditions refer to (and link to transport to the apartment).
If you are coming to Belgrade with his car and does not know the streets of our city, so as not to wander somewhere at the entrance to Belgrade you can not wait for our contributors and escort you to your apartment.

What time can I come / to leave the apartment?

Check in at the (chek in) and exit to 14h (chek out) 12h
If you arrive early, entering the apartment is possible if you were gone before and yet the apartment is ready, in such cases it is best to contact us before the day of arrival and check to see if such a possibility exists.

Check in early morning or late at night?

In the spirit of the real host Pink suites associates will meet you at any time of day or night, of course, by prior arrangement with your hand on orientation time of arrival (if arriving by car) or estimated time of arrival in Belgrade. For such cases, the only significant coordination between you and Pink collaborator apartments, to put you in your apartment and give you home after a trip as soon as possible Once in Belgrade.

Who will hand over the keys to the apartment?

The owner or an agent hands over the keys Pink suites, performs billing and contracting.

Is there a possibility that someone else take the keys?

There is a possibility, except that in this case the person who takes the keys and the contract is completed shall be charged for the apartments. It is necessary for guest arrival, take the information from a personal document.

Who hands over the keys at the end of their stay?

Keys to surrender the apartment owner or agent Pink apartments as apartments make the control of, or be left in place previously agreed.


What price their coverage?


     - Stay in apartment

     - Cleaning (before and after your stay, and once a week for a stay longer than 7 days. Daily maintenance is possible but is charged separately. Refer to

     - Infostan (overheads)

     - Phone in a bar,

     - Internet and cable TV.

When and where do I pay?

Payment is due at the keys and the person you give the keys to sign a contract with you.

Can I pay in euros or any other currency?

Payment shall be made in dinars at the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day the payment is made. Given that all of our apartments are located near a currency exchange, money in foreign currency will not be a problem.

Can I pay at the end of your stay?

Payment is exclusively in advance, when the keys. If for any reason you are unable to pay the whole sum at once, it is possible to partially pay for days but always forward.

Do I have to pay in advance to make sure we were booking?

Advance payment of 20% of the total price is paid only for stays longer than 3 days (in case of cancellation of advance payment is not refundable). A short stay is not necessary down payment and your booking is safe in any case. If you still want to pay in advance, our account will be timely delivered.

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