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Apartman Dalma

- Street:Dalmatinska
- Floor:3
- Number of beds:2
- Number of rooms:4
- Quadrature:40 m2
- Garage: City parking
- Price: 30€
Division: Two room
Broj dana1-34-78-1516-3030+

Price per day.

DALMA apartment with separate bedroom, located on the third floor of a building without an elevator in the center of Belgrade, near Vuk's Monument. It can accommodate four.DALMA is rather non-standard storage capacity and a lot of interesntan for visitors who know the city, and have a relatively limited budget. This is a very pragmatic organized space of forty square meters, which is divided into four functional units. The first consists of entrance hall, which acts as a link between all the rest of the apartment. It is located kitchen with bar for breakfast. The other is the living room; it is a sofa that can be unfolded into an additional bed for two and a breakfast bar. The third part is a bedroom - the only one that affects the slope of the attic-and it was placed a double bed and a small wardrobe. The bathroom is very bright, and it was found space for corner bathtub and washing machine. That's what it's convenient for a quick shower (because you will inevitably sprayed all around), but it is if you have time to enjoy. Interior design is an innovative, minimalist and represents intersenatnu combination of shapes and materials. The range of snow-white in contrast with the bright red, black and dark brown interwoven through the whole apartment. In combination with an abundance of natural light shining in, DALMA represents a truly unique ambience. In addition, high ceilings and simple decorative details create an impression of spaciousness while good insulation and backyard navigation doiprinose pleasant silence in the apartment.It is located in the administrative part of the city that does not belong to "the center", but in practice very quickly coming to him. At only two hundred meters of the station is busy tram and bus lines (along the street March 27), a little further and the trolleybus station in Cvijićeva Street, which will take you to the center of lead in less than 7 minutes. The neighborhood is one of the greatest culinary attractions of Belgrade, now proslavljenirestoran Lorenzo and Kakalamba. Place the cut with one-way streets with not so heavy traffic, but the parking lot is problematic so it is not recommended for those who come by car. Price changes slightly depending on the number of guests so you are advised to check the detailed price list before booking.

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